23.11.2018 Timely

Test so you know!

Did you know that hiv today is a completely different kind of illness than before?

Nowadays, people on hiv medication cannot transmit the virus.

However, prejudices based on out of date information continue to thrive. These prejudices can hinder people living with hiv more than the actual illness. The main purpose of World AIDS Day is to give people correct and up to date information about hiv transmission and reduce discrimination against people living with hiv.

Pro-tukipiste, together with other organisations, participates in World AIDS Day. This year the campaign can also be seen on TV.  In their video-campaign organisations want to remind us that hiv has changed but attitudes haven’t.

Hivpoint, Hiv-Finland, Finnish Red Cross and Pro-tukipiste have joined together to celebrate World AIDS Day and to raise hiv awareness.

What about you? Do you know the facts on hiv? Visit World AIDS Day website and check if your knowledge of hiv is from this century! (Test in finnish.)