Pro-tukipiste ry is a registered association.

Purpose and operations

The purpose of Pro-tukipiste ry is to promote the wellbeing, health and safety of people selling sexual and erotic services and their right to equal treatment. The operations of Pro-tukipiste promote the right of the people in its target group to services and their right to be protected from all forms of coercion, restriction of personal autonomy and other violation of their rights.

In order to fulfil its purpose, the association monitors the development of the industry and the legislation in Finland and abroad, presents initiatives and proposals related to the topic, provides statements and offers information and training in themes related to sex work. The association provides consultation and advice to its members and customers in legal issues, issues relating to social services and health care and other emerging issues as part of its service operations and by organizing group events and meetings, advisory events and training. The association maintains non-profit service units that engage in professional outreach work and serve as low-threshold meeting places where sex workers themselves and their close relations can obtain advisory services free of charge in the above issues.


Anna Kontula, MP, Chair

Mikko Tamminen, Director of Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Services, Social Services and Health Care Division, City of Helsinki

Sirpa Zotow, Special Youth Worker, Snellu, Helsinki Parish Union

Laura Karhola, Lawyer, Master of Laws, AA Gummerus, Tampere

Riina Katainen, Gynaecologist, Turku


A person who has turned 18 and endorses the purpose of the association can be approved as a full member of the association. Full members and supporting members are approved by the board of the association by application. A private person or a community with legal capacity that wants support the purpose and work of the association can be approved as a supporting member.

Rules of the Association (in Finnish)