About us

Pro-tukipiste is an organization founded in 1990 to promote the inclusion and human rights of people working in the sex and erotic industry. We provide low-threshold support, counselling and health services as well as community activities. Our services are for anyone who works in the sex or erotic industry, offers sex against payment or has become a victim of criminal trafficking in human beings.

Pro-tukipiste is a non-profit association that hopes to build a society in which people earning their income in the sex and erotic industry would feel they belong as full, valuable members of society. A wide range of people from diverse backgrounds work in the sex and erotic industry for a variety of reasons. Regardless of how a person earns their living or part of it, they should be treated equally, respectfully and with dignity. Sex work and human trafficking are two different things. Sex work does not involve coercion, pressuring or violence. These acts are always violations of integrity and rights, and the victims should be entitled to support and protection.