Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women – GAATW

Pro-tukipiste is a member of Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW). GAATW is a global network of civic organizations working against trafficking in humans. GAATW aims to promote and protect the human rights of the victims of human trafficking and others in a vulnerable position. Another Finnish member of the network is Victim Support Finland. GAATW publishes theAnti-Trafficking Review, which contains topical writings and discussions by researchers and activists related to anti-trafficking work.

La Strada International NGO Platform

Pro-tukipiste is a member of La Strada International NGO Platform. The Platform facilitates the cooperation of NGOs working with victims of human trafficking across Europe. La Strada International is an NGO Platform with 28 European member organizations. In addition to Pro-tukipiste, Victim Support Finland is a Finnish member of the Platform.

Neliapila network

Neliapila is a network that gathers together the closest partner organizations of Pro-tukipiste that engage in practical customer work with victims of human trafficking. In addition to Pro-tukipiste, the Neliapila network is composed of Monika – Multicultural Women’s Association in FinlandFinnish Refugee Advice Centre and Victim Support Finland.

Finnish Civil Society Platform against Trafficking in Human Beings

Pro-tukipiste ry is a member of the Finnish Civil Society Platform against Trafficking in Human Beings, also known as the IKV Platform. The Platform is composed of civil society organizations and researchers. Pro-tukipiste founded the IKV Platform and coordinated it in 2007–2014. The Platform is currently coordinated by Victim Support Finland.

Working Group of the Anti-trafficking Coordinator of the Finnish Government

The Finnish Government has anAnti-trafficking Coordinator whose task is to coordinate anti-trafficking measures. The coordinator works for the Ministry of Justice. The coordinator is the chair of a working group aiming, among other things, to draw up a cross-administrative anti-trafficking plan of action. Pro-tukipiste is a member of the working group composed of authorities and civic organizations that was appointed by the Ministry of Justice and is working on the plan of action.