Health services

All the health services of Pro-tukipiste are free of charge and confidential. You can use the services anonymously if you wish. Your visit to us is not recorded in My Kanta Pages or in any other patient information system. The services are meant for people working in the sex or erotic industry.

Tests for sexually transmitted diseases

You can be tested for the following for free and, if you wish, anonymously:

  • HIV and syphilis
  • chlamydia and gonorrhoea.

Pregnancy tests


You can get a hepatitis A+B vaccination for free.

Health counselling

You can see a nurse or a public health nurse and a general practitioner (doctor) at Pro-tukipiste to discuss your health issues. You can talk to them about, for instance:

  • sexually transmitted diseases and how to prevent them
  • sexuality and sex work
  • mental well-being and the ability to cope
  • contraception
  • substance abuse and harm reduction advice
  • a healthy lifestyle
  • health services in Finland.

Safe sex materials

When you visit us, you can always pick up safer sex materials. We provide, for instance:

  • condoms
  • lubricants
  • dental dams
  • female condoms
  • soft tampons

Safer drug use materials

  • new needles, syringes and other equipment for safer injecting.