Values, mission, vision

The operations of Pro-tukipiste are based on a set of mutually agreed values. We have a strong mission and a clear vision, which guide our work.


All our operations are based on a respect for fundamental and human rights, which are supported by our set of mutually agreed values:

  • equality
  • inclusion
  • transparency.


We believe that providing more rights and joint action create wellbeing. Our basic mission is to act as a social advocate and a low-threshold service provider. We provide our services to show that heavily stigmatized people living on the margins of society can be offered support that respects their autonomy, is easily accessible and is based on the inclusion of the service users. We develop our advocacy and our services according to the principle of joint action.


Our dream vision is that the rights of people working in the sex and erotic industry are realized and that they do not need to carry a stigma because of their work.