Outreach work

Our outreach work involves us going out where people are either physically or online. In our services we have a principle of “here and now” i.e. our goal is that you can get at least some help right away.

Why do we do outreach work?

The outreach work of Pro-tukipiste is a form of work that aims to reach people who work in the sex and erotic industry or who have experience of offering sex against payment. We want to reach out and contact people working in the industry so that information about our support and health services spreads as widely as possible. So that you or maybe your colleague knows who to contact in time of need.

Underlying values and principles of outreach work

The outreach work of Pro-tukipiste is based on a strong respect of every person’s autonomy and an approach that reduces harm. This means that we do not judge anyone’s work in the sex and erotic industry or the use of sex as a means of payment. We do not expect people to quit doing sex work, but we focus on how to reduce the health risks and promote wellbeing and functional capacity. Conversations about safer sex and safer sex work are an important part of outreach work. We also provide advice and can refer people to other support services, if necessary.

Where and how is outreach work done?

Outreach work is done in different environments, wherever sex and erotic work is done. In practice, this means that you can meet the staff of Pro-tukipiste in person, for instance in bars, erotic shops, strip venues and massage parlours or on the street and other outdoor areas. Physical outreach work always involves the distribution of safer sex materials, such as condoms and lubricants. Outreach work is also done in online environments. This means that we visit various online dating sites and send those who advertise their services messages informing them about the services of Pro-tukipiste. You can also come across a staff member of Pro-tukipiste on chat and social media hookup sites. Our work in all these environments is based on openness and discretion. We always say who we are and what we do and try to behave so that our presence and work does not disturb anyone.