Support services

We provide confidential support for people who work in the sex and erotic industry or offer sex against payment. We also support victims of human trafficking. People come to us when they need support using various public services and dealing with everyday issues. We respect your autonomy. In difficult life situations however, it is helpful to discuss things and find solutions together with someone who is willing to listen and support you.

Conversation and support in various life situations

You yourself decide what you want to talk about. Although we offer support and advice, we do not presume to know what’s best for you. The most important thing is that you find the support you get from us useful and helpful. Many of the people we see have been relieved to know that when dealing with Pro-tukipiste, they do not have to fear the stigma and negative attitudes associated with work in the sex and erotic industry. No matter the issue you need support with or information about, you do not need to hide the fact that you work in the sex and erotic industry.

Guidance and advice on how to use various services

Service guidance and advice means, for instance, helping you with issues related to housing, earning your living, employment, education and residing in Finland. If necessary, we can help you fill out forms, apply for services and benefits and deal with matters concerning your rights. We also support you in various types of criminal proceedings.

If you want, our staff member can accompany you when you deal with other service providers. We want to ensure that you get all the services you are entitled to.

Support in difficult situations

If you experience hostility, discrimination or any negative treatment, do not try to handle things on your own. Remember that violence or coercion of any form is not part of selling sexual services. If you experience violence, abuse, threats or pressure to do something, you are always entitled to seek help and support. You can also discuss these situations confidentially with us. We provide information about your rights and advice on how to seek help. We can talk about what is going on and how you want to proceed in the matter.

In an emergency, always call 112.