Online services

Pro-tukipiste's support services and community activities are available nationwide online. Remote services are intended for individuals working in the sex or erotic industry or offering compensated/ transactional sex in Finland. You can book an appointment for a video meeting or join a chat to talk, no matter where you are in Finland or the world! Additionally, online you can participate in peer activities within the Discord community maintained by Pro-tukipiste. We also offer consultations for social and healthcare or other professionals by video meetings.

Online meeting with video connection

In a personal video meeting, you can discuss with an employee of the Pro-tukipiste about issues related to sex and erotic work.  But it is up to you to define what to talk about. For an easy-to-use online meeting, all you need is a computer or mobile device (smartphone, tablet) with a camera and microphone and an internet connection. Video meetings are carried out on the secure Ninchat platform and you can access this with any nickname.

We also offer consultation for a variety of different networks and professionals.


An online-chat service operates on Pro-tukipiste website on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 2 pm to 4 pm. Online-chat offers an easy-to-reach support and guidance nationwide. You can get in touch and talk with us anonymously wherever you are, either in Finland or elsewhere. You can discuss any issues related to sex work and erotic work or anything else on your mind. If you work in the sex and erotic industry you can, for example, book an appointment for an anonymous sexually transmitted infections test (STI’s).

Online group activities – Wednesday discussion group and theme Thursdays (Sorry, for the time being only in Finnish)

Weekly peer support meetings on the Discord server on Wednesdays from 6–8 pm. The group is only for people who do erotic or sex work. Alongside the voice channel, you can also use a text channel to comment /discuss by writing, and with photos and GIFs. The group is led by a peer worker and a staff member working closely together.  

We also organize themed Thursday evenings in Discord every month in which we invite experts in various fields to introduce a topic of discussion and answer questions. Peer group participants can have a say in the themes chosen for group meetings.


Contact us if you want to find out more or if you have an idea you would like to put into practice with us! We also provide instructions on how to join the online peer group.

Helsinki/ Erja Aalto +358 40 725 0791 tai