Working in the sex industry involves many special issues. Discussing them in advance can help reduce the risks associated with sex work. You can have a confidential conversation with the staff at Pro-tukipiste about safety, protecting your privacy and setting personal boundaries.

Protect your privacy

  • If you have decided to provide sexual services, manage the limits of your privacy. Consider carefully what you want your customers and other people to know about you. This is important!
  • Do not tell the customer anything too personal about yourself.
  • Use a prepaid subscription when dealing with customers.
  • If you receive customers in your home, plan ahead to ensure your domestic peace and privacy.
  • Assign a specific space where you work. Do not allow customers to move around freely in your apartment.
  • Do not leave papers lying around with your personal details on them.
  • Do not give your customer the access code to the entrance of your building. Meet your customer at the entrance door.
  • If you do not want to be filmed or photographed, ask the customer to leave their mobile phone in their bag or in the bedside drawer, for example.
  • If you allow your customer to film or photograph you, remember that any material the customer has may spread in the internet, for example.

Personal boundaries

  • Decide in advance what sexual services you will provide. Also decide when, how and where you will work.
  • Stick to your decisions. Do not allow pressure from anyone affect the boundaries and decisions you have made.
  • Agree on the price and the service with the customer always before you meet or have sex. The customer should pay you separately for any extra services.
  • If you refuse to do something, this really means that you refuse. No always means no!
  • You do not have to agree to anything you do not want to do.

Safety in sex work

  • Be conscious of your environment! Trust your instinct and listen to it.
  • If possible, always work wherever you feel the safest.
  • Always keep your mobile phone close by. Make sure your phone is fully charged.
  • Do not leave any valuables in sight in the space where you work.
  • Be wary of customers who call you from an unknown number or a prepaid subscription.
  • When you meet a new customer, set up the meeting so that you can see them. Decide only then if you will take the customer to the place where you work.
  • Avoid combining the use of intoxicants and sex work. If you use intoxicating substances, do it safely. Be aware of the harmful effects of substances. Also, be aware of your substance tolerance. Avoid customers who are under the influence of substances. If you cannot avoid them, be particularly careful with them.
  • Think about ways to improve your safety. You can ask for tips from other sex workers or the staff at Pro-tukipiste.