Anti Violence

Organizational work against human trafficking has been part of the activities of Pro-tukipiste since the beginning of the 2000s. It became established as its own area of special expertise in 2007.

The expertise at Pro-tukipiste is related particularly to trafficking in human beings for the purpose of sexual exploitation. It is important to us that human trafficking and sex work are understood as two different things. Human trafficking, pressuring or forcing someone into prostitution and other forms of sexual exploitation are violations of rights. These acts should be criminalized, and their victims should receive support and protection. We do not see any conflict in working with both for sex workers’ rights and for the rights of the victims of human trafficking. On the contrary, a good grassroot level knowledge has helped us understand the risks and factors that make people vulnerable to various forms of exploitation and violations of rights. The low-threshold counselling and support work of Pro-tukipiste both prevents and identifies vulnerabilities and offers support for change while respecting the autonomy of people.