21.12.2023 Helsinki 12:00 - 16:00

Last Drop-in in Helsinki on Thursday before the Festive Season (no STI testing today)

Helsinki Drop-in is open on Thursday from 12- 4pm.  Please note that there is no STI testing available today.

This is our last drop-in before the Festive Season. We will be closed from Mon 25th of December for two weeks. Our Drop-in is open again on Tuesday the 9th of January 2024.

Drop-in offers a safe and supportive environment. It is a place to go, meet colleagues and be accepted. You can just pop in without an appointment. Coffee, tea and light lunch are always served. 

Pro-tukipiste workers are available during drop-in. Confidential support and a chat in private are also available.  

Let’s keep ourselves and others safe! 

You are warmly welcome, Pro-tukipiste staff 

PS. You can also just pick up condoms and lubricants for free!